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Founded in 1981, the ERA is a non-profit industry association with two divisions – one in Nova Scotia and one in New Brunswick. In Nova Scotia, members operate 66 locations around the province. They are independent small businesses which are contracted as Enviro Depots under the authority of the Resource Recovery Fund Board (RRFB).

The number of members and locations in NB is quite similar and operate under the authority of the NB - Department of Environment.


As an industry association, the ERA meets with members three times per year in each province. It represents their business interests in dealing with other stakeholders including Divert Nova Scotia, Encorp Atlantic, breweries or beer companies and government. The ERA issues a newsletter three times per year and has a group benefit plan available to both owners and staff. Associate members are most welcome and include depots operating in PEI and other member-associated businesses, or those with an interest in the recycling industry.


Depots currently take back deposit-bearing beverage containers including beer bottles and cans, pop bottles and cans, juice and water containers, and paint. Depots pay the public the refund associated with the deposit system. Some depots also take back electronics, batteries, metals, clothing, etc.


The depot network has a return rate of 98% for beer bottles and 80% for all other deposit bearing containers. The system is highly efficient compared to other provinces and, in particular, blue bag jurisdictions that have return rates of approximately 50%.


The depot network in Nova Scotia contributes an economic impact of $26 million and 600 jobs based on a study by Gardiner Pinfold. The economic impact of the depot network in New Brunswick is estimated to be $20 million and approximately 500+ jobs. Our goal is to be a “One Stop Shop” for a host of recyclable products. We have contributed to government consultations on a host of topics including beverage containers, electronics, solid waste regulations, scrap metal, textile materials, paint, tires, clothing recycling, and other industry topics.


We appreciate the public’s support with over 1.5 million visits to our member depots each year in Nova Scotia and approximately 1 million visits in New Brunswick. To that end, our membership of small
business owners, mainly rural in nature, provide much-needed jobs

and support worthy charities and sports activities in their local communities.

Business Development Contact: 


Bruce Rogers, Executive Director


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